Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

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What's What?

Not sure which class is for you? Here's a guide! 


One of the most popular classes here at JLPT, no week would be complete without a BOX session. This class is primarily an arm work out, but whole body exercises are worked into a variety of drills and timed sections to give you an all over burn. This class does include use of pads and gloves and will give you the chance to work with a variety of partners for a stress-relieving workout.

Suitable for: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced


This traditional-style circuits class will give you a whole body burn and a good hour of sweat. Varied stations of different exercises and equipments that you go round with a partner and complete for timed intervals - it's circuits as its always been! This class is particularly great for general fitness, calorie burn and whole body toning.

Suitable for: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced


Using a variety of HIIT styles (particularly Tabata), this class uses to intervals to push your body to its absolute max and build muscular strength and endurance. This is a bodyweight class - meaning no equipment involved - so it's great for beginners who aren't familiar with a lot of equipment and want to build strength up or for advanced who want to use their own bodyweight to really push them to the next level.

Suitable for: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced


Another one of our most popular classes, CYCLE is a high intensity cardio workout on a stationary bike - making it great for your heart and lungs. Our bikes are new and and up to date and provide a great sweaty ride. Pedal along to music whilst imitating sprints, climbs and more. You are guaranteed to leave puffing and sweating but you'd be surprised just how enjoyable it is. It's just an added bonus how good the playlists are!

Suitable for: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced


This high energy dance based class is so fun you don't even realise you're sweating. This class is built around very basic dance moves to get your heart rate up and improve cardio and respiratory function. It includes high cardio; a legs, bums and tums element and a chance to work on your flexibility. If you're new to exercise, or just coming back after a long time off - this is an ideal introductory class!

Suitable for: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced


This is a session you won't find in many places! Designed to introduce you to running and push current runners to new heights this session is more than just running from A to B.  Made up of a variety of drills and games to help you run better, faster, and further, this class is ran by our qualified run leader Al. As an added bonus, its outdoors so you can get all the benefits of the crisp West Cumbrian fresh air.

Suitable for: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced